FAQ: Career Services

1. What does the CEU Career Services Office do?

The Career Services Office plays a leading role in institutional efforts to ensure that CEU graduates are prepared to transform their CEU experience into meaningful professional engagement. The office partners with students and alumni, offering guidance, support, and information to help them develop and pursue personal visions for impact and success all over the world.

The Career Service Office:

  • Partnering directly with students and alumni on their professional development
  • Serving as the main hub for career-related information within the University
  • Gathering data about and reporting on the career paths of CEU graduates and sharing real-life stories that demonstrate the impact of a CEU education
  • Cultivating and expanding upon CEU's global network of partnerships with potential employers and internship hosts

2. How can the Career Services Office help me with my career planning?

Career development is an iterative process that takes time and requires honest self-reflection, research, planning, goal setting, relationship building, and more.
The CEU Career Services Office supports students and alumni in defining their own goals and definitions of success and assists them in gaining information, skills, and experiences that enhance their personal development, employability, and success in their academic programs.

Our main services include:

  • Teaching essential career skills.
  • Offering individual career consultations.
  • Facilitating global employer connections and sharing open vacancies.
  • Providing information about different employment sectors & career paths.
  • Offering internship support and funding.
  • Helping students structure their career development efforts.
  • Providing online career development materials.

For more information, please visit the CEU Career Services Office website.

3. Am I allowed to work during my studies?

This depends on factors including Hungarian and Austria legal regulations (which can vary according to country of origin), CEU regulations, academic department / program regulations, the intensity of the academic schedule and other factors such as language proficiency. Within this context, CEU students occasionally engage in internships or employment. The primary focus of CEU's Career Services Office is on supporting students as they prepare for professional success after completing their CEU education. Information regarding working while studying at CEU is available here.

4. Where do CEU graduates find employment?

CEU graduates work across the globe in government, international organizations, academic and research institutions, non-governmental organizations, and multinational corporations. Learn more about post-CEU careers here.