FAQ: ID Card

1. How and when will I receive my CEU Student ID card?

You have already finalized all onboarding processes, paid all outstanding fees and uploaded your picture? Then please proceed as follows:

  1. Once you have arrived in Austria/Hungary write to your department coordinator and make sure they verified your presence
  2. If this is done (and your department has verified your presence), CEU will start the automated process to print your ID card which will show your Student ID number.
  3. Students in Vienna please follow up with the Student Center at studentcenter@ceu.edu  and we will inform you when (and where) your ID card is ready to be picked up. Until then please receive your very own visitor´s card at the foyer of CEU to enter the Campus. Students in Budapest may pick up their ID card from their program coordinator.

2. Where can I find the ID Card Office?


The ID Card Office in Vienna is located at Vienna Campus in room D202.
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
ID Card Manager: Ferenc Foldi. E-mail: qs_campusservice@ceu.edu.


The ID Card Office is located in the Nador 11 Building Courtyard.
ID Card Manager: Istvan Takacs. E-mail: takacsi@ceu.edu

3. I lost my ID card. What should I do?

You have to pay the 15 EUR replacement fee online at https://payments.ceu.edu/.

The receipt should be presented to the ID Card Manager in order to receive a new card.

4. I would like to change the picture on my ID card. Is it possible?

No. We do not replace valid ID cards for cosmetic reasons.

5. My ID card was stolen. Do I have to pay for the replacement?

Stolen ID cards will be replaced free of charge if you can present a police report.

6. My ID card has expired, how can I prolong it?

Please first contact your department coordinator who then should inform Ferenc Foldi (qs_campusservice@ceu.edu) or  Istvan Takacs (takacsi@ceu.edu) about the new expiry date. Only then she can print a new ID card.

7. I have graduated, how can I get an alumni card?

The CEU Alumni Card allows you to take advantage of a number of benefits and services, such as CEU library access, professional development services, discounts with our corporate partners, and much more. You can order your alumni card online. If you have any questions, please contact alumni@ceu.edu.