FAQ: Residence Center (Budapest)


1. What is the easiest way to get to the Residence Center in case my transportation is not arranged in advance?

The Residence Center is located in Budapest's 10th dicstrict, Kerepesi ut 87. To get there:

From Liszt Ferenc International Airport:
The easiest is to get an airport minibus or a taxi.

From Southern railway station (Deli palyaudvar):
Take the red metro (line 2) to Ors Vezer ter, this is the terminal of the red line. From there take one of the following buses:  44,  45, 176E or 276E to Egyenes utcai lakotelep, where the Center is located.

From Western railway station (Nyugati Palyaudvar):
Take the blue metro (line 3) to Deak ter. Here change to the red metro (line 2) and go to Ors Vezer ter.  From there take one of the following buses:  44,  45, 176E or 276E to Egyenes utcai lakotelep, where the Center is located.

From Eastern railway station (Keleti Palyaudvar):
Take the red metro (line 2) to Ors Vezer ter.  From there take one of the following buses:  44,  45, 176E or 276E to Egyenes utcai lakotelep, where the Center is located.

In case you arrive somewhere else and you do not know the way to the Center, please contact the reception (dormreception@ceu.edu, phone: (+36-1) 327 3150).

2. When and how can I check in at the Center?

The reception of the Center is open 24 hours, you can check in any time. When you arrive, the receptionist will ask your name and your CEU department. You will have to fill in some forms, then you will receive your CEU ID card.

3. I have a lot of luggage and I cannot carry everything with me. Will the Center keep my belongings I have sent by post until I arrive?

In case your luggage will arrive to the Center before you do, please contact the Dormitory Student Services Coordinator (Krisztina Urbán, e-mail: resman@ceu.edu, phone: (+36-1) 328 3509).

4. What comes with my room?

Student rooms are not equipped with towels, soap and shampoo. Bed-linen is changed monthly. Iron and hairdryer can be rented from the reception for a deposit. Please note that electric devices such as iron, immersion heater etc., cannot be used in the room according to the safety policy. Please use these equipments in the lounges.

5. Can I bring my car to the Center?

Please contact Krisztina Urbán at: resman@ceu.edu

6. Can I keep a pet in my room?

It is not allowed to keep a pet in the room.

At the Residence Center

1. I don't like my room. Can I change it?

In case you would like to change your room, please write an e-mail to the Dormitory Student Services Coordinator Krisztina Urbán at resman@ceu.edu as soon as possible after your arrival. We try to manage the room change depending on our availability.

2. Where can I smoke?

Smoking is not permitted in any area of the Residence Center. Students wishing to smoke may do so outside the building in one of the the designated smoking areas.

3. How can I receive my mail?

Your name and room number should be written on the mail/package you receive. The reception will write your room number on the message board at the reception desk in case you have mail. The reception asks for an ID card in case of postal packages.

Medical service

1. Where is the closest pharmacy?

Next to Spar Supermarket 5 minutes walk from the Residence Center. Please ask at the reception for directions.

2. What do I have to do in case of emergency?

In case of medical emergency, please inform the reception desk.  Phone: 06-1-327-3150 (if calling from a CEU phone: ext. 5555 or 5500). The reception desk can arrange ambulance service for you or call the 24 hrs medical phone number.

If you need medical advice or immediate help, please call the CEU MEDICAL CENTER. Before calling, please think over your problem and be ready to identify your location so that you can answer the assistant's questions.

During the consulation hours - weekdays between 9 am and 5pm - please visit or call the CEU Medical Center at the main campus: Budapest,V. District, Nádor u. 11. (Phone: 327- 8815, or, if your are calling on a mobile phone: 36 1 327 3815)

On weekends and weekdays outside of consultation hours you can call the 24 hrs medical call number: 06 30 83 26 260. The operator may respond to your situation as follows:

  • Advise you to see your doctor or psychologist at the CEU a later convenient time,
  • Advise you to see or to call a doctor on duty at the 24 hour Emergency Health Service of the Xth disctrict (address: Budapest, Xth district, Pongrácz utca 19. phone number: 261-5834 or if you are calling on a mobile: 36 1 261 5834).
  • Advise you to visit a doctor at the Semmelweis University Transplantation and Surgery Clinic where you will receive medical assistance or advice you about further steps you need to take.
  • Inform you about insurance related issues.
  • In case you need to arrange immediate medical assistance or you need to call an ambulance, the operator will help in arranging assistance for you.

Further details and information on services are available in the student handbook.

13. Is it possible to ask for an ambulance if needed?

Yes, the reception can call an ambulance at any time.

Cleaning - Maintenance

1. How often and when is my room cleaned?

Rooms are cleaned monthly. The cleaning schedule is on the message board on each floor.

2. Can I change the time of the cleaning?

The cleaning day is fixed and the time is between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. 

3. Why is it important to fill in the damage declaration form?

When you leave the Center at the end of the Academic Year the housekeepers will check your room. In case your room is damaged and the damage was not indicated previously on the damage declaration form, you will have to pay for the damage caused.

4. What can housekeepers do in my room?

In order to do their job, it might happen that the cleaning ladies move some of your belongings if they are in the way while cleaning. Housekeepers have the right to enter your room and check the cleaning.

5. Can I repair broken equipment/furniture/electric appliances in my room?

Please do not try to repair anything, inform the reception, and they will send a technician to your room.