Please note, that the current health insurance plan is under revision and the information will be updated on this website shortly.

Health Insurance 

CEU requires that all enrolled students have adequate health insurance for the duration of their enrollment and official residence in Austria or in Hungary. Failure to fulfill the requirements may result in the termination of enrollment.

Full-time, degree students enrolled at CEU in 2023/24 are insured:

  • In Austria: CEU provides financial support (equivalent to the cost of the Austrian ÖGK student self-insurance, 66.79 EUR) for its full-time Bachelor's, Master’s and  PhD students who are not awarded a doctoral stipend to cover insurance fees. PhD students receiving a stipend are required to cover tax and Austrian SVS health insurance contributions from this sum.

For non-EU students from VISA-required countries, CEU provides a temporary, 4-month insurance from Expat & Co. to help their visa and residence permit application. Students are advised to register with the relevant Austrian public health insurance provider upon arrival. Optionally, students can have private health insurance and EEA citizens have the possibility to use their EHIC. However, CEU does not take financial responsibility for additional costs.

  • In Hungary: incoming international students will be provided with a private health insurance plan by Generali Insurance Company for the duration of their studies. The national public insurance (TAJ) will be activated for Hungarian citizens.

Full-time degree students enrolled at CEU in AY 2022/23 are insured:

  • In Austria: by the CEU Health Insurance Plan provided by a private health insurance company. For PhD students the CEU-sponsored Health Insurance Plan is active until successful SVS registration within 4 weeks of receiving taxable stipends. EEA citizens have the possibility to use their EHIC besides their private health insurance from CEU. Austrian citizens need to use their public health insurance.
  • In Hungary: by the CEU Health Insurance Plan provided by Generali Insurance Company (private insurance). EEA citizens have the possibility to use their EHICs besides their Generali insurances. Hungarian citizens are insured in the Hungarian social security system (TAJ).


Non-degree students enrolled at CEU are not eligible for health insurance covered by CEU. However, we recommend the following options: