Generali Insurance (valid only in the territory of Hungary)

Students are encouraged to consult the short summary of the insurance plan provided by Generali Insurance Company in advance, with special attention to exclusions and services provided. Patients insured by Generali must visit the Medical Center first. The CEU doctors may refer patients for further treatment to other medical facilities or prescribe the necessary medicines. You may receive reimbursement for medical treatments and prescriptions through the Medical Center. The insured is only allowed to choose other medical facilities or providers in case of an emergency .

The minimum period of buying the product is 3 months and the monthly price is 6900 HUF 

For students with Generali health insurance provided by CEU click here for the Terms and Conditions.

For those of you who are self-covered the Customer Information and General Provisions Governing Insurance Policies are available here.

In case of further questions (e.g. how to purchase the Generali Insurance Plan, loss of Generali insurance card, etc.) please contact the Student Center.

Similar insurance plans can be activated for family members. For further information, please contact the Student Center.