Erasmus Mundus Program Participants


Insurance for full-scholarship recipient HIPS students, GEMMA students and all MESPOM students: Broker Expat & Co 

From Academic Year 2023/24 Expat & Co places coverage for the full-scholarship recipient HIPS students and all MESPOM students. All information (Benefits Guide incl. terms and conditions, claims manual and the FAQ) about the Study Insurance is available on the website 

The Expat & Co Study Insurance is fully compliant with the EACEA minimum requirements and the mandatory extended period (maximum two months before the start of the master course and two months after the studies) of coverage for insured students is included. In case of emergency when assistance is needed immediately (e.g. hospitalization) please contact the relevant Assistance Provider: 

Expat Assistance 24/7 (for hospital admissions and urgent assistance only): +32 (0)2 669 08 80 or 

Expat & Co Claims Dept. during normal office hours BE (for all other information regarding damage): +32 (0)2 463 04 04 or  

Assistance in the US: Global Excel 24/7: +1 800 250 3271)  

Students insured with Expat & Co insurance are covered for 8 consecutive weeks in their home country without having to purchase additional insurance while travelling back home for holiday.

US/Canadian students traveling to their home country for research/study purposes should contact their department for insurance supplement.

Full-scholarship recipient GEMMA students are provided with Expat & Co insurance by the University of Granada (

Non-scholarship recipient HIPS, GEMMA and Mundus MAPP students may activate Expat & Co Student Insurance package at their own costs by using this link. In case of specific visa requirements (e.g. special clause for Austria), please contact the insurer first at

Family members may activate the Globi Insurance offered by Expat&Co at their own costs. For further information, please click here.   

Insurance for self-funded GEMMA, HIPS and Mundus MAPP students:
ÖGK (+ Expat & Co for students from visa-required countries)

Non-scholarship recipient HIPS, Mundus MAPP and GEMMA students receive the equivalent of the ÖGK student self-insurance fee (EUR 66.79/month in 2023) for their period at CEU in their first year and are advised to register with ÖGK (Austrian public health insurance) upon arrival. They may also choose to buy private health insurance (e.g. from Expat & Co) instead of registering with ÖGK - in this case no additional funding or assistance will be provided from CEU for this purpose.