CEU Health Insurance Plans

The CEU Health Insurance Plans are available to international students enrolled  at Central European University during their enrollment in Austria or Hungary. The plans cover the costs of medical care, medication, and medical aids, as well as reasonable patient transport received in medical necessities.

Visiting and exchange students can purchase the insurance with the help of the Student Centers (studencenter@ceu.edu – Vienna; studentlife@ceu.edu – Budapest)

Post-docs receiving a grant may turn to the Grants Office for further guidance at grants@ceu.edu.

Students not using the CEU Health Insurance Plans must have an alternative insurance plan that covers medical services in Austria/Hungary. Alternative insurances must comply with the minimum standards of the CEU Health Insurance Plan. CEU PU does not cover the costs of alternative insurances.

Austria: FeelSafe Insurance (valid in Europe except Switzerland)

International BA and MA students enrolled full-time at Central European University – Private University (CEU PU) are provided with private UNIQA insurance via FeelSafe broker which offers extensive coverage and medical services in Austria. In order to activate the insurance a certain registration procedure must be completed, about which students are notified via email. For PhD students the university funded UNIQA insurance is kept active until successful SVS registration within 4 weeks of receiving taxable stipends.

The FeelSafe Insurance Plan provides a direct billing network through LARA partnership, personal insurance consultancy, and 24 hours English-speaking call-center. Within the LARA network all doctors, pharmacies, and laboratories speak English and charge the insurance company directly when their services are used. Hence, there is no need for an upfront payment from the insured’s side. The insurance plan from FeelSafe is available for family members.

For further information about UNIQA insurance please contact the Student Center (studentcenter@ceu.edu). To see the terms and conditions of the insurance, please click here. To consult the privacy policies of FeelSafe and UNIQA, please click here and here.  

Austrian citizens can use their public health insurance.

US citizens are strongly advised to check the necessity of purchasing additional insurance to fulfill IRS requirements


Hungary: Generali Insurance (valid only in Hungary)

Students are encouraged to consult the short summary of the terms and conditions and the full description of the insurance plan provided by Generali Insurance Company in advance, with special attention to exclusions and services provided. Patients insured by Generali must visit the Medical Center first. The CEU doctors may refer patients for further treatment to other medical facilities or prescribe the necessary medicines. You may receive reimbursement for medical treatments and prescriptions through the Medical Center. The insured is only allowed to choose other medical facilities or providers in case of an emergency .

From September 1, 2022 the monthly price of the product has been raised to 6900 HUFIn line with the new instructions from Generali the preferred minimum period of buying the product is 3 months. 

In case of further questions (e.g. how to purchase the Generali Insurance Plan, loss of Generali insurance card, etc.) please contact the Student Center (studentlife@ceu.edu)

The same insurance plan can be activated for family members. For further information, please contact the Student Center (studentlife@ceu.edu). 

You can read more about CEU's support to student parents here