TAJ (Hungarian Public Health Insurance) information for EEA Citizens

For Hungarian Students

Hungarian students with a Hungarian ID/passport and address card indicating a permanent address are eligible for the Hungarian Public Health Insurance (TAJ). 

In case you are enrolled in a Hungarian accredited program the TAJ insurance is automatically arranged and covered by the Educational Authority (Oktatási Hivatal). If you are not sure about the duration of your coverage, please contact us at studentcenter@ceu.edu 

For EEA Students

Enrollment conditions to the Hungarian Public Health Insurance System (TAJ): 

  • not insured in another/home country's public health care system (proven by E104/S041 forms)
  • valid Hungarian address card with registered permanent address (in Hungarian "Lakóhely" not "Tartózkodási hely") for at least 1 year.

For the detailed application process please click here. 

Application for a European Helath Insurance Card (EHIC)

EEA citizens (including Hungarian citizens) enrolled in the Hungarian Public Health Insurance System (TAJ) can request a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) in person at the Local Government Office (Kormányablak) corresponding to your registered address, via mail or through your Ügyfélkapu portal online. Necessary documents: valid TAJ card, national ID, registration card, address card. 

TAJ card replacement 

If you lost your Hungarian social security card (TAJ card)please visit the Local Government Office (Kormányablak) corresponding to your registered address to request a new card. (Students registered in Budapest are free to choose any office within Budapest.) The replacement fee costs 3 000 HUF.