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Medical Services

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If you have medical questions theon campus’ CEU Medical Center is open to all students, faculty, and staff. Access to the Medical Center requires a valid CEU ID card. The doctor on duty, Dr. Johanna Kropej, provides regular medical consultations, examinations, treatments, prescribes medications, and further referrals to specialists. 



The primary medical examination, treatment, further referral and reimbursement procedures are undertaken by the CEU Medical Center. The patient’s path in the health care system is determined by doctors at the CEU Medical Center. Further referrals and received treatments may be paid by the student, and the patient insured by the CEU Generali Health Insurance Plan could claim for reimbursement from the Medical Center afterwards. For more information on the reimbursement process please click here.

If a student has a medical problem, they should turn to the CEU Medical Center first, where their examination and treatment would begin. If the doctor concludes that there is a need for further examination or treatment based on the patient’s current health condition, they may refer the patient to the necessary examinations (laboratory, X-ray, etc.) or to the selected specialist units (dermatology, gynecology, urology, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, oncology, general surgery, etc.).

The Medical Center guarantees that patients will be referred to professional external providers for further treatments and examinations. This is the point where the CEU Medical Center connects to the Hungarian public health care system.