Medical Services in Hungary and Austria

In Hungary, the primary medical examination, treatment, further referral, and gradually the reimbursement procedures are undertaken by the CEU Medical Center for students with the CEU Health Insurance Plan. The patient’s path in the health care system is determined by doctors at the CEU Medical Center. Further referrals and received treatments may be paid by the student, and the patient insured by the CEU Health Insurance Plan could claim for reimbursement from the CEU Medical Center afterward. For more information on Reimbursement click here.

If a student has a medical problem, the patient should turn to the CEU Medical Center first, where his or her examination and treatment would begin. If the doctor judges that there is a need for further examination or treatment based on the patient’s current health condition, the doctor at the Medical Center may refer the patient for the necessary examinations (laboratory, X-ray, etc.) or to the selected specialist units (dermatology, gynecology, urology, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, oncology or general surgery).

The CEU Medical Center guarantees that patients will be referred for further treatment and examinations to professional external providers. This is the point where the CEU Medical Center connects to the Hungarian state health care system.


FeelSafe Insurance Plan (valid in Europe except Switzerland)

CEU PU’s international students are provided with private insurance which offers extensive coverage and medical services in Austria (covering all risks) and in the EEA Zone (except Switzerland) via insurer Uniqa. The insurance plan provides a direct billing network through LARA partnership, personal insurance consultancy, and 24 hours English-speaking call-center. Within the LARA network all doctors, pharmacies, and laboratories speak English and charge the insurance company directly when their services are used. Hence, there is no need for an upfront payment from the insured’s side. The insurance plan from FeelSafe is available for family members. For further information please contact the Vienna Student Center. To see the terms and conditions of the insurance, please click here.

Length of Insurance (Austria)

For 1-year MA students: 10 months

For 2-year MA students: 20 months - the insurance is arranged for the whole period of study but not the summer months of July and August after the first year (except for those programs including internship after the first year)

For PhD students: 36 months