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The on-campus Vienna Medical Center is available for the whole CEU community (students, faculty, and staff). Access to the Medical Center requires a valid CEU ID card and public or private health insurance in Austria. The doctor on duty, Dr. Johanna Kropej, provides regular medical consultations, examinations, treatments, prescribes medications, and further referrals to specialists. The medical service provider is contracted via Insurer Uniqa and its LARA network of medical professionals.

The CEU Vienna Medical Center Vienna is located on the 3rd floor, Room A303.

Opening hours: Monday to Thursday 10.00 -13.00

Due to the COVID-19 measures in place, we kindly ask you to reserve an appointment time exclusively via email: johannakropej@outlook.com or online at www.larapartnernetzwerk.at.  

For further updates and advice on coronavirus, please visit the dedicated website.


The Medical Center in Budapest is open to all students, faculty, and staff. Access to the Medical Center requires a valid CEU ID card and medical insurance. Consultations and treatments are free of charge for CEU patients, regardless of their insurance details. Appointments for further external medical examinations or treatments are assigned by the CEU Medical Center. Patients are offered the best possible treatment considering their preferences. Note that insurance providers pay an average price for the medical treatments received, rather than the actual fee charged by the private medical service providers.


Location: Nador 9., Mezzanine Floor

Phone: (+36 1) 327 3815

In case of emergency (outside office hours and only for CEU affiliates) you can call the medical advisory phone: (+36 30) 175 3148

For further updates and advice on coronavirus, please visit the dedicated website.

Before visiting the Medical Center please book an appointment via email (medicalcenter@ceu.edu) or on the phone numbers indicated above.

Two English-speaking doctors are on duty to hold regular consultation hours. Consultations are offered both in Hungarian and English to ensure that international visitors can discuss their concerns and problems and that they receive adequate attention and proper medical treatment.

(Ms., Dr.) Monika Horvath, Head of Medical Center Budapest
(Mr., Dr.) Karoly Cseh


Regular Opening Hours from September





Dr. Monika Horvath


Teleconsultation only

Dr. Monika Horvath

11:00 - 16:00

Dr. Karoly Cseh

 09:00 - 12:00


12:00 - 13:00

Dr. Monika Horvath

13:00 - 16:00

The doctors' schedules are posted outside the Medical Center. If there is any change in their schedules, updated information will be posted in advance.

Medical Privacy

Your medical data is highly confidential. Only the designated service provider, the Medical Center in Budapest has access to this information. Your insurance provider also has the right to access your medical data in certain reimbursement claims. Persons outside the designated service provider are not provided this information without the patient's written consent. CEU staff do not have access to your records.

Medical Center Feedback Form // Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire

We would like to provide quality medical care to our community members. By providing feedback you can help us to reach our goal. 

If you wish to leave feedback, please use the Medical Center Feedback Form

The form is only accessible to CEU students, staff and faculty via CEU's Intranet, thus you are requested to login to complete it. Nevertheless, the response collection is anonymous, and all answers you provide will be kept in the strictest confidentiality.