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The reimbursement process depends on your insurance provider. If you are insured with FeelSafe you can make an appointment with any doctor from the LARA network who will directly bill FeelSafe. In case you would like to make an appointment with a doctor outside the network, make sure the doctor treats patients with private health insurance. In this case, you would have to pay for your medical bills first and can request a refund later.


The primary medical service provider is the Medical Center. If you have any medical problems, need consultation, advice or medication, turn to them first. This is where your examination and treatment will begin. If you are insured by the CEU Health Insurance Plan provided by Generali, you may receive reimbursement for medical treatments and prescriptions through the Medical Center.

Reimbursement Process:

  1. Visit the Medical Center and have your case recorded in the doctors’ database.
  2. Visit the recommended pharmacy / external medical services.
  3. Ask for a VAT invoice (in Hungarian "áfás számla") to the name of
    MyPlace Kft., 1021 Budapest, Szépjuhászné út 14-18.; VAT number: 24219161-2-41.
  4. Visit again the Medical Center to have your invoice signed by the doctor on duty.
  5. Arrange your reimbursement - if eligible - during reimbursement office hours.

If you used an external medical service for the reimbursement claim you may be asked to submit additional documents:

  • your name on the VAT invoice – besides the name of MyPlace Kft.
  • indication of the received medical care
  • a copy of all medical documents related to the insured event (e.g.: outpatient records, hospital discharge summary, examination records, laboratory records, images made during diagnostic or histology tests, prescriptions, etc.).

Submission of Documents:
Contact: Medical Assistant
Venue: CEU Medical Center, Nador 9, Mezzanine Floor
Office Hours: Tuesday: 12:00 (noon) – 13:00

In case of disagreement with the decision concerning coverage taken by the physician of the CEU Medical Center, please directly contact the insurance company at, describing your situation in detail. Before sending an e-mail, please make sure to read and fully comprehend the Policy Conditions and the Product InformationYou may expect a response in 15 working days.