An on-campus Medical Center is in operation for the CEU community with two doctors (general practitioners, including occupational health care provider). They offer regular medical consultations, examinations, treatments, prescribe medication, and further referrals to specialists provided that the person has a valid Austrian State or private CEU health insurance in Austria. The medical service provider is contracted via Insurer Uniqa and its LARA network of medical professionals; Uniqa and its LARA network of medical professionals is providing private health insurance for our international students. The medical center and the occupational health care provider at the medical center operate on an appointment basis within regular operating hours.

The CEU Medical Center Vienna is open to all students, faculty, and staff.
It is located on the 3rd floor, Room A303.

Opening hours will be Monday to Thursday 10.00.-13.00

Now in times of COVID-19 we ask you to make an appointment by phone or email during office times. It will be possible to make online appointments soon.

We are looking forward to helping you not only with medical complaints but also with staying healthy.

Tel: +43 1 25230 / 7379