Health Care Systems in Hungary and Austria

Hungary has a tax-funded universal state health care system. Patients who are holders of a valid, covered Hungarian Health Insurance Card (in Hungarian: “TAJ kártya”) are entitled to medical services free of charge at any medical facility contracted with the National Health Insurance Fund in the territory of Hungary. Contracted medical facilities generally indicate the label saying “A társadalombiztosítás egészségügyi szolgáltatásaira szerződött szolgáltató.

Generally, patients with TAJ cards are required to register with the GP (in Hungarian: “háziorvos”), assigned for their registered address or district. If they have a medical problem, patients should turn to their GPs first, who would begin their examination and the treatment. The patient’s path in the health care system is thus determined by the general practitioner; the use of medical services is restricted and is subject to certain conditions. Many services can only be used with referrals from the GP (for CEU students the CEU Medical Center can issue the necessary referrals). Most dental treatments are not free of charge in state health services. If a person needs medication, he or she has to cover the expenses; for those with a valid TAJ card, many medications are provided at a reduced price in pharmacies.

If you as a CEU student have a medical problem while studying in Hungary, you can turn to the doctors at the CEU Medical Center, where your examination and treatment would begin. Hungarian students can decide either to visit the CEU Medical Center or their own GP directly in case of a medical event.

The Austrian social insurance system is based on the principles of compulsory insurance, solidarity and self-governance and is primarily funded through insurance contributions. It includes the branches of health, accident and pension insurance, and the Main Association of Austrian Social Security (HVB) is their umbrella organization.

International CEU students are provided with private insurance. If you as a CEU student have a medical problem while studying in Austria, you can choose any doctor who offers treatment based on your insurance scheme via this website using the section „Search for a physician“:, or dial the 24-hour medical phone number provided by your insurance company.