CEU Student Locker Use Guidelines

CEU Lockers on Vienna Campus

If you are in Vienna and would like to have a locker, please come to the Student Center in room B601 during our opening hours (from Monday to Friday, 1–4 PM) to pick up a key.  

Please contact the Student Center Team right away in case you lose your locker key. A fee of 30 EUR will be due.   

Once you no longer need the locker or leave Austria, please return the key to the Student Center. This is part of the leaving process and therefore you will not get your general deposit back or receive graduation certificates and diplomas without returning the locker key. 

Extensions of Yearly Use

Students in programs whose length of studies exceeds one academic year, i.e. students in two-year MA and PhD programs, can request an extension of their locker privileges. This should be communicated to the Student Center before the end of the regular academic year. Failure to communicate the intention of continuing to use a locker on time might result in a 30 EUR late fee and the emptying of the locker's contents. 

Waiting List for Academic Year Use Lockers

The names of students who request but do not receive lockers will be placed on a waiting list, based on the time of request. If a locker becomes available, the student on the waiting list will receive it and be notified by e-mail.

Replacement of Keys

Locker keys are given for one academic year. Loss of a key or damage to a locker will result in a 30 EUR replacement fee, applicable to all lockers. Replacement keys should be ordered at the Student Center.

Transfer of the Lockers

Students shall not transfer the key or the right to use their lockers to other students or any other third person. In case the student allows any third person to place anything to the locker the student shall take sole responsibility towards CEU for the items placed, and towards the third person for the damage or loss of such items.


CEU does not assume any responsibility for belongings that are left in daily use lockers over night. CEU and the Security Service are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged personal property.