Change of Address

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If you wish to change your address or move from Vienna for a longer term you have to re-register (Ummeldung) or de-register (Abmeldung) your address within three working days. For both, you need the same address registration slip (Meldezettel) as for the registration of your initial address, but only the sections headed as “Ummeldung” or “Abmeldung”. After filling in your details, submit the form to any municipal office (Meldeservicestelle), in person or via email, and please send the confirmation to for recording purposes. You can find more information about the registration process in Vienna here.


In case students move into another apartment, they must report this change within three working days to the Hungarian authorities.

Non-EEA students must submit a new Accommodation Reporting Form to the National Directorate-General for Aliens Policing (former Immigration and Asylum Office) in person, along with a valid lease contract. The new proof of accommodation is issued on the spot, and must be sent electronically to the Student Center:

For students from EEA countries the new address registration process is different: they should report the new apartment to the district's local government office (Kormányablak). The application form―also available in the Student Center―must include the owner’s signature and the parcel code (in Hungarian: HRSZ. / "helyrajziszám") of the apartment. The new address card will be issued on the spot.