Application for a new visa

Application for a new visa

Leave Hungary before your residence permit expires. When you return for the next academic year, you need to obtain a new long-term visa. You must follow the same visa procedure as when you applied for your first visa to Hungary. If you face difficulties with the Hungarian consulate, please contact the Admissions Office.

Please submit your visa application documents as early as possible

Those students who do not live in Hungary or they are coming for a consultation with their supervisor(s)  - in case they are not from a visa-free country - may consider applying for a multiple entry Schengen visa to Hungary. 

Required documents for applying for a new visa:

Available at:

Application Form

Application form for visa for long-term stay (with entitlement to receive a residence permit) & Appendix 14

Schengen visa form

Proof of health insurance in Hungary

CEU Certificate of Enrollment

Student Records Office

Your latest bank statement indicating an account balance, sufficient to cover living expenses

Certificate of Accommodation

Dormitory (send request to: Residence Manager,

Passport (valid for at least 18 months at the time of application)


Travel insurance


Four passport size photos


Visa fee

Please check the website of the Hungarian Consulate

If you have any additional questions, please turn to