Residence Permit Extension

Extension of your current Hungarian residence permit

The National Directorate-General for Aliens Policing in Hungary (or Immigration Office) has implemented safety measures regarding all application processes. It is mandatory to wear a face mask covering mouth and nose, and obey all public health regulatons during visits to the Immigration Office.

The authorities encourage students to submit their application through an online platform called Enter Hungary Please consult the User Manual to make yourself familiar with this platform. 


Students extending their permit based on study purposes should follow the instructions at the end of this page. 

Although the standard rules state that extensions of permits should be filed 30 days before its expiration date, you are advised to submit your online applications well in advance, due to the current COVID-19 crisis.


Some students plan to stay further in Hungary for purposes other than study. In these cases they are advised to submit a well-based application at least 30 days prior to the expiration date of their residence permit. Residence permits applications may be based on ‘Other’ purposes if someone for example secures an unpaid internship or voluntary service at an agency, NGO or company in Hungary. Please find a check list for 'Other' purposes residence permits on this link. 


Other students have signaled interest in a residence permit extension, based on ‘job-searching’. This type of permit is only for students who will fully complete their studies by June 30, as it includes proof of completion of studies in addition to documents issued by state employment offices. Please consult the application checklist here. The deadline is very strict: at least 15 days before a study permit expires. Please note that an application is considered submitted, only in case you have paid the required fee (HUF 10.000) - even if you have still documents missing. Applications submitted after the 15 days deadline will not be considered by immigration authorities. Keep in mind that a mandatory biometric data recording at the Budapest Immigration Office is part of the application process: so you have to be in Hungary to complete this process.

Students whose residence permit extension will be based on study, should follow the check list below.

Required documents for the extension of current residence permit based on study:

Available at:

Application Form + Appendix 14

Application form (PDF / Word) and Appendix 14 (PDF / Word)

CEU Certificate of Enrollment and

Semi-official Transcript (Up-to-date)

Student Records Office

For a semi-official transcript: request to

Your latest bank statement (in English or Hungarian) indicating an account balance, sufficient to cover living expenses in Hungary (approx. 500 EUR/month)

Certificate of Tuition Fee payment for Study Year
(Not required for students on Full Tuition Waiver)

Finance Office (request to:

“Accommodation Reporting Form” signed by Dormitory or your landlord. No need to sign a new form if there is no address change. In this case one should submit a copy of the former small white accommodation stub, stamped and signed by the Immigration authorities.

Student Center

For Dormitory Students: Certificate of Accommodation

Dormitory (request to: Residence Manager,

For Off-campus Students: rental contract in Hungarian or English, countersigned by two witnesses (one original and one copy)

Blank contracts are available in the Student Center and the Residence Center

Application Fee 10.000 HUF payable by bank card on the spot

Passport (valid for at least 12 months at the time of application)


Copy of personal data in passport, and of residence permit


Proof of health insurance in Hungary (Original Card and photocopy). Students should request an additional Insurance Statement if their current card does not cover the period to be extended.

Student Center (request to:

One passport size photo


CEU ID Card (and photo copy)

The Aliens Policing authority reserves the right to ask for further documentation during the process, in order to review your application.

If you have any additional questions, please turn to

More information on the legislation: