Student Employment

All full-time CEU students are eligible to work within CEU provided they have valid residence permits

The working hours of students may not conflict with the University-related duties of students and shall not endanger the academic career of the students. The working hours of student are limited by CEU internal rules and the Hungarian regulations.

Before entering into any employment relationship (inside and outside CEU) the student needs to inform the Head of the Department, whose approval is essential.

The primary focus of CEU's Career Services Office is on supporting students as they prepare for professional success after completing their CEU education. Information about Career Services Office offerings and resources is available here.

In case of employment within the EU region, Dean of Students Office is also needed to be informed since the employment may have effects on the insurance or health care situation of the student.

Before entering into any employment relationship inside CEU, please read through the Student Employment Policy of CEU.

If you have any question or need any further information, please turn to the responsible HR Officer.

If your question is related to your current health care situation, please turn to Dean of Students Office of CEU.