Information for Arriving Students

Online Orientation Sessions (undergraduate students)

Please click here for the orientation schedule, links, and all other necessary information in Academic Year 2020/21.

Online Orientation Sessions (masters and doctoral students)

The introductory sessions below are aimed to let students get familiar with CEU’s administrative units, services, and policies in Academic Year 2020/21. Pre-recorded sessions can be viewed through this link. Please note that these sessions are visible on two pages

Information for arriving students

This section of the website helps you find information about CEU, Budapest and Vienna before you leave your home, and to get to know your way around once you are here.

You can find additional information on housing, family-related issues and first steps in Vienna on the ♥ Hello Vienna Newcomers! ♥ SharePoint page.

Furthermore, MyCEU app, an information guide for CEU students is now available for free download in both Android and iOS stores. The app contains useful information on the Budapest and Vienna CEU Campuses. In addition to student-related services, resources, and facilities, this app includes references to policies and procedures regarding student rights, rules and academic regulations. It is important that you become familiar with these texts, please take some time to read them. Please note that the content of the app is also available online in a mobile-friendly version at

If you cannot find an answer to a question you have, feel free to contact us ( or for Budapest; or for Vienna).  

Quick Takes with CEU Students: