Upon arrival in Vienna/Budapest, you will receive a Welcome Pack providing you with basic information on student-related programs and services. Welcome Packs include important information for starting the Academic Year (Pre-Session schedule, maps, accommodation, eating around CEU, etc.) and list the most important student services units and contact information.

All incoming students will obtain their Welcome Packs during a meeting with their department staff. Most of these meetings will start at 9:00 a.m. on the first day of the Orientation week, but some departments may decide differently.

More details on the Orientation week will be communicated to all incoming students.

In your first week at CEU you will go through the CEU Pre-Session (a series of in-person meetings with professors of your department and staff of the university service units). The Pre-Session includes orientations about requirements for residence in Austria/Hungary, health insurance, and housing arrangements. The Budget and Finance Office advises on banking arrangements and various payment procedures. You will also be introduced to a range of advisory and counseling services such as psychological counseling and career advising. During this time you will be completing a number of individual settling-down tasks and will become familiar with the university settings.

In addition, you will learn how to become involved in student activities and in the work of the CEU Student Union (SU). The Alumni Relations and Career Services help organize meetings between new students and alumni, while departments supplement the central Pre-Session activities with department-oriented events and introductory courses.

Additional Questions (Budapest only)

What is the easiest way to get to the Residence Center in case my transportation is not arranged in advance?

The Residence Center is located in Budapest's 10th district, 1106 Kerepesi ut 87. To get there:

From Liszt Ferenc International Airport:
The easiest is to get an airport minibus: https://www.minibud.hu/en

From Deli Palyaudvar (Southern railway station):
Take metro line 2 to Ors Vezer tere, the final stop of this line. From here take bus 44, or 45 to the stop 'Egyenes utcai lakotelep', where the Residence Center is located.

From Nyugati Palyaudvar (Western railway station):
Take metro line 3 to Deak ter. Change here to metro line 2 to reach Ors Vezer tere and get on bus 44, or 45 to the stop 'Egyenes utcai lakotelep' where the Residence Center is located.

From Keleti Palyaudvar (Eastern railway station):
Take metro line 2 to Ors Vezer tere, and change here to bus 44, or 45 to the stop ' Egyenes utcai lakotelep' where the Residence Center is located.


The Budapest Transport Center (BKK) runs Shuttle bus 100E directly between Liszt Ferenc International Airport (schedule from this stop) and the center of Budapest, Deak Ferenc ter (schedule from this stop), close to CEU’s main Campus at Nador utca 9.

The Airport shuttle bus ticket costs 900 Forints (about 3 euros) and can be purchased from any ticket vending machine or from the bus driver. Please be aware that no other types of tickets or travel passes are valid on line 100E.

For more details, visit this site of BKK.

How do I get to CEU from the dormitory?

Central European University (1051 Budapest, Nador utca 9) is located in the city center. See map on how to get from the dormitory to CEU.


Last update: July 2, 2019