Institutional Factbook

The Institutional Factbook is compiled by the Institutional Research OfficeCEU’s Factbook presents institutional data gathered from across the university on student admission and enrollment; student satisfaction; and classroom technology. When browsing the data please always note definitions, descriptions and filtering options as these determine the meaning and application of the data. 

Student Admission section provides information on application figures.You can search under: year; program; country of citizenship. You can also learn how many offers CEU granted and how many admitted applicants accepted the university’s offer. 
Student enrollment provides information on the composition of CEU’s student body. You can search under: degree level; study type; and gender. You can also observe the international nature of the university by learning which regions and countries our students come from. 
Degrees and completion provides information on the types of degrees CEU issues and numbers awarded. You can search under: degree program; and year. 
Student satisfaction provides information on evaluations provided by graduated students. You can search under: degree program; and year 
Classroom technology provides information on CEU’s IT infrastucture, EdTech and classroom facilities.