Send a Letter of Solidarity

On April 10, 2017, President of the Republic of Hungary Janos Ader signed into law amendments to Hungary’s national Higher Education Act which curtail the academic freedom of international universities operating in Hungary and make it virtually impossible for Central European University to continue its current operations in Budapest.

The US Department of State urged suspension of the law in a press briefing on April 11. Further, the European Commission addressed the new legislation on April 12 and will conduct a thorough legal assessment and decide next steps in their next infringement cycle. The European Parliament will discuss the situation in Hungary on April 26.

Your voice could support the mounting pressure to suspend the law and find a solution that allows CEU to remain in Budapest, so please act now and contact your representatives. US citizens are encouraged to contact members of the House and Senate. If you are an EU citizen, members of the European Parliament and European Commissioners, as well as your country’s leadership and foreign minister need to hear your views. Please urge them to stand up in support of academic freedom and encourage them to communicate our message to other leaders.

Sample letters are included below. Letter-writers are encouraged to personalize as much as possible, sharing why you stand with CEU and academic freedom worldwide. Please ensure all messages remain respectful, and remember that abusive personal or partisan comments will harm rather than help CEU.

We encourage you to cc: when you write. Please share these resources with others and consider making your letter public, sharing it through your website and/or networks, and posting to social media with the hashtag #istandwithCEU

How to find your Member of European Parliament and European Commissioners:

How to find your member of US Congress:

See the #IstandwithCEU web page for background on the legislation and its impact on CEU and academic freedom.