Calls for proposals

CEU academic staff members are invited to submit proposals for new teaching, research, or community engagement projects under the Intellectual Themes Initiative. The overarching aim of the initiative is to encourage innovative, cross-departmental and interdisciplinary activities at CEU.

The 9th ITI call for proposals for the academic year 2021/22 closed on February 28 2021 (for University-wide courses) and on March 31 2021 (for collaborative research projects). 


Collaborative research projects - each proposal should be developed and submitted by at least three resident academic staff membersfrom at least two academic units (i.e. schools and departments, research units, or academic support units) or by two resident academic staff members and one visiting/non-CEU academic staff from two different academic units. Involvement of students, especially PhD students and post-doctoral fellows is strongly encouraged. Participation of external partners is also welcome.

University-wide courses (UWCs) - applications should be submitted by one or more resident academic staff members from one or more academic units. Co-teaching and team teaching is encouraged, but at least one Course Leader is expected to attend all sessions to ensure continuity and academic quality and coherence in course delivery. The respective academic unit heads should be informed and/or consulted about the planned UWCs. Course leaders should also secure the agreement of at least 5 departments to cross-list the course.


All types of collaborative research projects are eligible if they correspond with the objectives of the Initiative and promote cross-departmental collaboration. Only innovative interdisciplinary, cross-disciplinary, or trans-disciplinary proposals will be considered.

Proposals for university-wide courses (UWCs) should target a wide group of CEU students from different departments.  UWCs are diverse content-wise, however, in order to be relevant for all CEU students, they should fit in one or more of the following categories:

  1. Courses focusing on research methods and epistemology
  2. Courses focusing on contemporary academic topics approached from different disciplinary perspectives (advanced interdisciplinary seminars that are co-taught). 
  3. Courses grounded in one discipline but relevant for students from across CEU departments
  4. Courses focusing on more practical types of skills



Submitted applications will be evaluated by an internal selection committee appointed by the Rector in consultation with the Provost and Pro-Rector for Social Sciences and Humanities.


All expenses directly related to research projects are eligible, considering that they are realistic and in line with the expected results. This excludes salaries for personnel who are already in a contractual relationship with CEU. Projects with matching funding or co-funding are also welcome.

In the case of proposals for UWCs, funds are available for hiring teaching assistants (if justified), inviting guest lecturers, and acquiring relevant teaching materials.


All applicants should use the revised and simplified application form, which is available at the bottom of this page.  

Applications need to be submitted electronically to by the set deadlines:

FEBRUARY 28 2021 - for University-wide courses

MARCH 31 2021 - for collaborative research projects

For more information, please write to the ITI team at: