Calls for proposals UWC 2023-24

CEU academic staff members are invited to submit proposals for the University-wide courses (UWCs) for the academic year 2023/2024. Five to ten UWCs are being offered to CEU students each academic year with the aim of bringing together faculty and students from across academic programs and disciplines to explore topics of common interest. 

The University-wide courses are managed at the university level and are designed and co-taught by interdepartmental faculty teams and guest lecturers. In terms of course design, these courses are not limited to any topics or formats (please see also section 3). The courses are offered as electives and are open to all enrolled CEU students, including exchange and non-degree students.

1. Application deadline.

The deadline for submitting proposals is January 23, 2023.

 2. Who can apply? 

Proposals must be submitted by one or more resident academic staff members from one or more academic units. Co-teaching and team teaching are encouraged, but at least one Course Leader is expected to attend all sessions to ensure continuity and academic quality as well as coherence in course delivery. The respective academic unit heads should be informed and/or consulted about the planned UWCs.

 3. What types of courses are eligible?

Proposals for the University-wide courses should target a wide group of CEU students from different departments. UWCs are diverse content-wise, however, in order to be relevant for all CEU students, they should fit in one or more of the following categories:

  1. Courses focusing on research methods and epistemology.
  2. Courses focusing on contemporary academic topics approached from different disciplinary perspectives (advanced interdisciplinary seminars that are co-taught). 
  3. Courses grounded in one discipline but relevant for students from across CEU departments.
  4. Courses focusing on more practical types of skills.

4. Evaluation of the proposals

All proposals will be evaluated by the Senate Curriculum and Academic Quality Assurance Committee on a competitive basis.

5. Faculty teaching credits

Course leaders who participate in all teaching sessions and assess all course work will be granted the full number of credits assigned to the respective course. If, however, the course is taught by more than two faculty members who divide the workload and do not participate in all sessions, then each will receive a pro-rated portion of the faculty credits assigned to the course. For more details, please see the Academic Staff Handbook section VI.2.c.(e).

6. What expenses are eligible?

Limited funds are available for hiring Teaching Assistants (if justified), inviting guest lecturers, and acquiring relevant teaching materials. A maximum of four external guests may be invited as lecturers. Eligible expenses exclude salaries for personnel who are already in a contractual relationship with CEU.  

 7. Application process and more information

Proposals must be submitted through the electronic submission form.

For more information, please contact Georgeta Munteanu at: