Governance is a subject that permeates most of CEU’s activities. Its close link with open society and place in the history of our University, coupled with its inherently interdisciplinary nature, make the topic one of the most natural candidates for a CEU-wide intellectual theme. The theme cuts directly across a wide range of areas and subjects in the fields of political science, public policy, philosophy, legal studies, economics, business and management studies, international relations, environmental science and gender studies. In fact, every CEU department and school engages in governance-related topics, or may meaningfully contribute to research and other innovative activities in the area. 

Possible thematic and topical areas for investigation

    • Change makers
    • Civil society (international/global civil society)
    • Governance and sub-state actors  
    • Self-governance and citizenship 
    • “Good governance” 
    • Governance and leadership
    • New forms of opposition and protest 
    • New trends with regard to the governance of violence 
    • New forms of organizations (using a networks approach)  
    • Emerging trends and changes in governance and decision-making  
  • TOOLS 
    • Information and governance (big data and governance; ownership of information and privacy)
    • Prospects for governance (considering networks, technology, global and local levels) 
    • Regulation (decentralization of sources; new forms of regulation)
    • Accountability 
    • Governance and social mind interactions/cognitive science approach to decision-making