Inequalities and Social Justice

The theme of Inequalities and Social Justice is proposed as an inclusive intellectual framework that captures a variety of issues concerning differences and cleavages in society. This dual concept articulates an important intellectual tension which invites productive theoretical debates and cross-disciplinary cooperation across various academic units of CEU.  It is envisioned that scholars of human rights, social exclusion and inclusion, marginalization, welfare models, economic growth, human development, international security, just to name a few inquiries promoted at CEU, are encouraged to contribute to this new cooperation. Inequalities and social justice are also elements of CEU’s open society mission which can advise current and mobilize new efforts to pursue the University’s civic commitments.  

Possible thematic and topical areas for investigation

  • Intersecting and competing manifestations of social inequalities
  • Construction of categories of inequalities
  • Social exclusion, causes of inequality and injustice
  • Inequality and democracy
  • Inequalities and political institutions
  • Forces for social equality
  • Global inequalities and unequal development
  • Humanities and social sciences collaboration
  • Epistemologies and methodologies for the study of inequalities and social justice.
  • Situating “inequalities” research in the current historical conjuncture