Social Mind

The Social Mind theme is one of the four signature themes around which work across the whole disciplinary range of the CEU system is encouraged, promoted, coordinated and synergized. It builds on CEU’s existing academic strengths in cognitive science, the humanities, social sciences, law and public policy. The Social Mind theme has close connections with such terms as collective representations, mentalities, ideology, individual and collective consciousness, culture and related concepts in anthropology, sociology, psychology, philosophy, history, political science, political thought, and other disciplines. It has a unique potential for bringing people together from different disciplinary regimes and offers an “intellectual twist” with significant implications and potential for various disciplines to engage in novel ways with new or traditional issues. 

Possible thematic and topical areas for investigation:

  • ICT-mediated communication as a constitutive part of the contemporary Social Mind
  • Understanding the role of technology in social interactions and changing patterns of social interactions. Networks of interaction and virtual communities
  • Memory, collective memory and the uses of collective memory
  • Religion, Religious Norms and Social and Political Behavior   
  • Applied Ethics from a Social Mind perspective  
  • Free Will and Moral Responsibility from a Social Mind perspective
  • Self, Construction of Self. Stereotyping and Intergroup Relations
  • Social Mind approach on Epistemology   
  • Economics and the Social Mind
  • Social Mind, Justice and Legality
  • New Perspectives on the History of Thought
  • Social Mind and Democratic (or Undemocratic) Developments