University-wide Courses

Applications for new University-wide Courses are now welcome under the 6th Call for Proposals. For more information click here.

University-wide Courses (UWC) represent a new initiative at CEU that aims to bring together faculty and students from across academic programs to explore a topic of common interest. Some of the core features of such courses are the following:

-          UWC are interdepartmental by design. Academic staff members from at least two different units have been involved in developing the syllabus of the course.

-          UWC are diverse. Some courses deal with contemporary academic topics, some foster the research skills of our students, and others offer practical skills to support the students’ future career.

-          UWC are co-taught. Courses are taught by several academic staff members, and in some cases external guest are also invited as lecturers.

-          UWC are open to all students. All CEU students (including non-degree students) have the possibility to register for the courses they consider interesting or useful.

In Fall 2017, three University-wide Courses are offered at CEU:

In Winter 2018, the following courses are planned to be offered:

In Spring 2018, the following courses are planned to be offered: