Intellectual Themes Initiative

CEU has launched the University-wide Intellectual Themes Initiative (ITI) as part of a process to explore and develop a new institutional mission that would take into account the accelerating rate of change of the contemporary world and the overwhelming growth in available information about it. The University needs to educate students and conduct research on how to navigate through this complexity. The challenge ahead is to find the best way to integrate existing resources, use the wisdom of the disciplines and the strengths of separate units in an inspiring and productive academic enterprise. Therefore, the University is seeking to respond by initiating the University-wide Intellectual Themes Initiative and inviting its faculty members, student, administrative staff and external partners to propose joint ideas for tackling complex societal issues.

The University-wide Intellectual Themes Initiative is built around themes that serve as federative platforms encompassing a range of teaching and research activities across the University, as well as civic engagement and outreach initiatives. They have been formulated to address complex issues requiring new interdisciplinary or multi-disciplinary approaches to teaching and research.

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CEU has awarded funding to five projects in the third round of the University-wide Intellectual Themes Initiative (ITI). This institutional endeavor at CEU, launched in fall 2015, aims to promote exploring and developing new activities that encourage cross-disciplinary teaching and research, prompt new forms of civic engagement, enhance the academic profile of CEU and contribute to shaping its future institutional direction.

CEU academic staff members are invited to submit proposals for new teaching, research, or community engagement projects starting in AY 16/17 under the third call of the Intellectual Themes Initiative. The Fall deadline for submission of project proposals is October 26, 2016. A revised call and application form are attached and also available online on the ITI website at:

Background of the initiative:

The seventh university-wide seminar on Symbolic Capital in the 21st Century: Managing Status, Reputation and Influence in a Changing World was convened to reflect on symbolic hierarchies in an age of radical transformation on May 25.

The Intellectual Themes Initiative (ITI) Selection Committee, chaired by Professor Helga Nowotny, former president of the European Research Council, and comprising of four CEU faculty members, CEU’s President and Rector John Shattuck and Provost and Pro-Rector Liviu Matei, invites new proposals for new teaching, research, or community engagement projects starting in Academic Year 2016-17. The Fall deadline for submission is October 26, 2016. Find attached a revised, more detailed call and application form. 

Professor Aleh Cherp of the Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy at CEU dispels a popular misconception that it was Fukushima’s nuclear disaster that forced Japan to develop renewable energy in a recent letter entitled Energy policy: Renewables targeted before Fukushima, published in scientific journal Nature.


Matthias Mahlmann, Renáta Uitz, Liviu Matei
Seminar | 15 May 2018
Constantin Iordachi, Mikkel Thorup, Juan Francisco Fuentes
Seminar | 05 Dec 2017
Frank Geels, Jessica Jewell, Aleh Cherp
Seminar | 27 Apr 2017
Nick Sitter, Andreas Goldthau, Svein S. Andersen
Book Launch | 05 Apr 2017
Gerhard Jaritz, Tijana Krstić, Prem Kumar Rajaram
Seminar | 20 Feb 2017