Katerina Krejcova (LEGS, Czech Republic)

Tell us about yourself.

I studied Philosophy and Audiovisual Studies in Prague. As a journalist and director for Czech TV, I shot investigative reports on issues in the fields of human rights, environmental protection and ecology. Since 2018, I have worked in Ukraine for environmental NGOs. I also coordinated the international media project Maidan - Europan Debate Club organized by the Czech Center in Kyiv.

Why do you enjoy participating in CEU’s Student Recruitment Internship Program?

I love communicating with prospective students and sharing my CEU experience with those who are still in the decision-making process. Sometimes, they just need to be encouraged to apply and I really enjoy being there for them and giving them all the information they need.

Why would you recommend CEU to a prospective student?

At CEU you will meet the best professionals in your field of interest, who will truly broaden your horizons. The classes are difficult but at the end of the day you will feel thankful for everything you have learned. The environment is professional, free-spirited and very friendly. You will experience constant encouragement but hard work. CEU also offers consulting services as well as many workshops and seminars related to your future career.

What makes CEU special for you?

At CEU people are constantly learning. Even if you are not sitting in class or studying, the interaction with fellow students is extremely enriching. I am very grateful for the knowledge I’ve got. At the same time, the diversity and the fact that I’ve made friends from all over the world and learned so much about them and their countries are just as important.