Marija Cvejic (GENS, Serbia) 

Tell us about yourself. 

I have worked for five years for a feminist NGO dedicated to combating human trafficking and gender-based violence in Serbia. After just several days of work, I realized that my life’s mission is building a system in my country which could respond adequately to the needs of victims of GBV and HT.  

Why do you enjoy participating in CEU’s Student Recruitment Internship Program? 

I see this internship as a way of giving back to the CEU community, but also a perfect way to support future colleagues who have the same values and interests as CEU and me. For me, CEU is the best decision I have ever made in my life. I want to share it with others why CEU is a great place for anyone who wants to learn, develop a critical opinion and act to empower their community.  

Why would you recommend CEU to a prospective student? 

CEU is like a big roller coaster – you will have to rethink the things you know, you will have to ask questions and search for answers, and at times, you will be breathless when you find them. The ride will be super-fast, so enjoy every moment of it. Once it is over, you will be boosted with knowledge, experience and confidence that you can do whatever you want.  

What makes CEU special for you? 

At CEU, you feel equal with everyone. There is no hierarchy among professors and students. You have absolute freedom to express your thoughts and needs. Most importantly, you listen a lot and whenever you get an answer, it will bring more questions to the table. Critical thinking, respect and equality make CEU so special to me.