Matei Delivers Keynote at Die Zeit Conference on University & Education

November 21, 2017

CEU Provost Liviu Matei delivered the keynote address, entitled "Universities in Danger," at the annual Die Zeit Conference on University & Education, which provides a platform for high-level representatives of higher education institutions and research organizations, the business sector and the media, as well as policymakers from Germany to exchange ideas and discuss topics of public relevance in higher education and science policy. The theme of this year’s edition, held at the Allianz Forum in Berlin on November 16, 2017, was “How Political is Science”?

CEU Buildings Win Honorable Mention in Architecture Competition

CEU's new Nador 13 and Nador 15 buildings received an honorable mention award in the annual architecture competition held by the Chamber of Hungarian Architects, with the support of the City of Budapest. The competition aims to recognize significant architectural contributions to the cityscape and demonstrate the exemplary cooperation among partners that is necessary for high-quality design and execution.

Szende Lectures on Late Medieval Hungarian History at the University of Vienna

November 21, 2017


Associate Professor Katalin Szende, head of the Department of Medieval Studies at CEU, gave a lecture at the University of Vienna November 2 as part of a series on Hungarian history organized jointly by Collegium Hungaricum Wien, the Institut für Osteuropäische Geschichte and the Institut für Österreichische Geschichtsforschung at the University of Vienna.

'Pagans and Christians' Book Co-Edited by CEU's Saghy Launched at University of Pecs

The book "Pagans and Christians in the Late Roman Empire: New Evidence, New Approaches," edited by Marianne Saghy, associate professor at the Department of Medieval Studies at CEU and Edward Schoolman of the University of Nevada, Reno, was launched at an event at the University of Pecs November 20. The book was published by CEU Press as part of the Medievalia series.