CEU in the International Media

CEU head: academic freedom must be seen as good for wider society

Times Higher Education covered the Burton R. Clark lecture CEU President & Rector Michael Ignatieff gave at the annual conference of UCL’s Centre for Global Higher Education on April 11. 


Ungerns mediesituation inför valet (SE)

CMDS Senior Program Officer and Researcher Eva Bognar draws attention to the troubling effects of the captured Hungarian media landscape, and the disproportionate reach of government-controlled media in this Swedish Radio interview. 


Nick Sitter on Diplomatic Passport

CEU's Nick Sitter, a counter-terrorism expert, appears on DIGI TV's Diplomatic Passport talking about the fate of ISIS and other terrorist groups. Interview begins at 11:35. 


Austria’s Far Right Wants the Freedom to Smoke

CEU Professor Anton Pelinka is quoted in this New York Times article on the ongoing Austrian debate about smoking in public places.