Press Releases

CEU Calls For Negotiations, Refutes False Allegations

Budapest, April 20 – From the beginning of this episode, CEU has called on the Hungarian government to sit down and begin confidential negotiations for a mutually acceptable solution to enable it to continue operations in Hungary. Instead, CEU has been subjected to a barrage of incoherent statements and false allegations. It is time for the government to stop playing these games, figure out its negotiating positions, and begin talks with the university.

CEU Calls on Hungarian Government to Initiate Direct Talks

Budapest, April 12, 2017 -- Central European University (CEU) welcomes the U.S. government’s expression of full support for CEU’s fight for academic freedom and its right to remain in Budapest, most recently in remarks by State Department spokesperson Mark C. Toner. Secondly, and just as significantly, the European Commission has announced its decision to swiftly complete a thorough legal assessment of Hungary’s Higher Education law and decide on further steps in the next infringement cycle. This is a remarkable step by the European Commission.

CEU Stands for Academic Freedom and Freedom of Association

Legislation has been prepared by the Hungarian government that affects a fundamental democratic right, the right to free association. Freedom of association is no less important than academic freedom, and we stand in its defense. When tens of thousands of people demonstrated peacefully for CEU and for academic freedom last week, they also demonstrated for freedom in general.

CEU Disagrees with Decision to Sign Legislation, Plans Immediate Legal Action

Budapest, April 10, 2017 – Central European University (CEU) strongly disagrees with the decision by President Janos Ader to sign the amendments to Hungary’s national higher education legislation. Accordingly, CEU will immediately seek all available legal remedies.

The legislation was introduced without consultation with CEU or with necessary Hungarian authorities and thus violates elementary standards of due process observed in any democratic country.

The legislation is targeted at an American institution in a flagrantly discriminatory manner.