A distinguished scholar, extraordinary leader, and beloved mentor to many, Gregorian championed peace, democracy, and education throughout his career.

On June 3, CIVICA's online dissemination conference will reflect on emerging trends shaping education in the post-COVID world.

Philosopher, feminist and democracy advocate Nancy Fraser will be featured on May 6 in a CEU-hosted public interview.

On April 7th, CEU participated in a Global Dialog hosting an online public webinar addressing energy transition.

CEU CIVICA Ambassadors Marta Vukovic and Renato de Gaspi discuss their student engagement work with the alliance.

Tune in this Wednesday, April 28 at 5pm for the livestream hosted by Austrian communication scientist Dr. Nana Walzer.

FWF is Austria's central funding organization for basic research, supporting the ongoing development of Austrian science and basic research.

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