We call upon our sister universities and all those committed to academic freedom to join us in demanding Ahmed's rapid release.

CEU condemns the takeover of all branches of government by the Myanmar military and the violent crackdown on unarmed civilians.

On February 24, an event organized by the CEU Democracy Institute debated how to strengthen democracy in EU member states.

Digital exhibition, Records Uncovered: Gay and Lesbian Histories in Central and Southeastern Europe, 1945–1999, is available throughout 2021.

The award is for her scholarship on gender research in CEE and the promotion of this perspective at regional, national and European levels.

CEU hosts the first CIVICA Public Lecture Series Tours d’Europe leading CIVICA's civic engagement efforts.

Ahead of his CEU visit, Demaria discusses his proposals for a more sustainable and equitable society.

From virus transmission patterns to information flows, CEU DNDS researchers contribute a density of projects.