Can We Fix the European Migration Challenge? - Info Session with CEU’s School of Public Policy and Department of Political Science

A revamped EU immigration policy could be the cornerstone of a prosperous European society. And yet, EU mobility and immigration have been heavily criticized and used in electoral campaigns, such as Brexit, fueling a strong anti-EU sentiment. Can the EU engage in a more positive dialogue with its citizens to better explain the benefits of free movement? Can we design a sustainable EU immigration policy? Will both supporters and opponents of migration ever acknowledge the benefits and risks alike? 

Info Session for future MA students

Want to find out how people get corrupt?

What makes individuals and organizations act with integrity and when does corruption come into the picture? That's what three CEU experts will be discussing based on their own research, using text analysis, network analysis and qualitative interviews, at the next

Info Session with CEU's Department of Economics and Business

CEU Semester-end Documentary Screening

Join us for this special screening of short (5-10 min) student documentaries produced in courses supported by the CEU Library's Mirabaud Media Lab, followed by a Q&A and reception with the filmmakers.

The evening features work from the Documentary Filmmaking for the Social Sciences and Humanities course, as well as films from the Visual Grammar course running for the first time this year. These courses make up part of the curriculum for the new Visual Theory and Practice Advanced Certificate, offered this year as a pilot program.

The Cultural Evolution of Camouflage Uniform Patterns: Visual Concealment as Foreign Policy?

Why do armies operating in similar environments (e.g. temperate woodlands of Europe) wear markedly different dress? The primary function of military camouflage is generally understood to be concealment, however the vast diversity of camouflage patterns (over 600 patterns in the past century) suggests additional design factors. One hypothesis is that camouflage patterns can also act as signals of alliance and aiding soldiers to distinguish friend from foe. On the other hand, newly independent states can endorse their identity by issuing distinctive camouflage.

Justice in Big Data: when theory meets practice

The Legal Studies Department of Central European University invites you to a 2-days conference where members of academia, practitioners and policy-makers coming from all over the world will gather to discuss the legal, social and regulatory aspects of big data. The conference is supported by OPL Attorneys and CMS, as well as, Arsboni and IPeers Research Group.


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