The CEU Medical Center

The CEU Medical Center is open to all students, faculty, and staff. Access to the Medical Center requires a valid CEU ID card and medical insurance. Four English-speaking doctors are on duty to hold regular consultation hours on weekdays. Consultations are offered both in Hungarian and English to ensure that international visitors can discuss their concerns and problems, and that they receive adequate attention and proper medical treatment.

NEW Location is Nador 9, Mezzanine Floor

Phone: (+36 1) 327 3815
Information - only for CEU affiliates - in case of emergency: (+36 30) 175 3148

The consultations and treatments are free of charge for CEU patients, regardless of the patients' insurance details. Appointments for further external medical examination or treatments are assigned by the CEU Medical Center.

Patients are offered the best possible treatment, taking into consideration their own preferences. Note that insurance providers pay an average price for the medical treatment received, rather than the actual fee charged by the private medical service providers.