Students may bring immediate family members (spouse; minor children; parents who are dependents; siblings, if they are unable to provide for themselves due to health reasons) into Hungary for the duration of their studies at CEU or for the Graduation Ceremony. In such cases it is usually easier to arrive in Hungary alone, settle down and make all necessary administrative arrangements (matriculation, residence permit, renting an apartment, obtaining permission from your landlord) so that your family member(s) may submit a well-based visa request or residence permit which may be issued on the grounds of family reunification (citizens of non-EEA countries).

However, if a student succeeds in arranging all accommodation related issues for family members (long term lease contract, proof of payment) from abroad, and shows sufficient proof of financial resources, it should be adequate to obtain a D-visa based on family reunification. This option is especially recommended to students who will study in Fall 2019 in Vienna. It will be quite challenging to start the application process based on family reunification in Budapest, taken into consideration that students will be residing in Vienna.

Please note that the CEU Residence Center does not accommodate families. If you plan to bring your immediate family member(s), you will need to take care of alternative accommodation arrangements.

Students from visa required countries are required to submit the following documents to the National Directorate-General for Aliens Policing (former Immigration and Asylum Office) in Budapest, in order to apply for a Letter of Invitation.

The office in charge of Invitation Letters is located in district XIII: 1135 Budapest, Szegedi ut 35-37 (Twin Office Center). The process takes about fifteen days. Students must send this Invitation Letter (if approved) to their relatives, who then can start the visa application process in their home country.

Required documents for students to apply for a Letter of Invitation: Available at:
Completed Application Form Application for letter of invitation
Bank Statement (in English or Hungarian) showing an adequate account balance, sufficient to support your family members during their stay in Hungary Your Bank
Copy of your Residence Permit in Hungary
Your CEU Certificate of Enrollment Student Records Office
Proof of hotel reservation for family members or written permission from your landlord, countersigned by two witnesses Hotel or Landlord
4.000 HUF Application Fee, payable by bank card on the spot


Family members are required to submit the following documents to the Hungarian Consulate to obtain a visa:

Required documents for immediate family members: Available at:
Official Letter of Invitation, approved by the National Directorate-General for Aliens Policing (former Immigration and Asylum Office) in Hungary Application for letter of invitation
Certificate on the immediate relationship  
Visa application form depending on the length of the planned stay in Hungary Application for visa for long-term stay & Appendix 2

Application for visa for short-term stay

Your CEU Certificate of Enrollment Student Records Office
Written permission from your landlord or proof of Hotel reservation  
Proof of health insurance in Hungary (original and photcopy)  
Bank statement to certify that family members are able to cover their living expenses in Hungary or your declaration that you will support your family member (and adequate evidence that you are able to do so)  
Passport (valid at least 18 months at the time of application)  

For residence purposes family members also need to obtain a registration certificate (EEA citizens) or a residence permit depending on their citizenship. Please contact the Student Center for further information at