FAQ: Alumni Relations and Career Services

1. What does CEU Alumni Relations and Career Services (ARCS) do?

ARCS seeks to engage CEU students and alumni in lifelong, mutually beneficial connection to each other and to their university.

ARCS coordinates alumni and career support programs for CEU students and alumni worldwide, including reunions and social events, professional networking programs and workshops, career counseling and job search assistance, personal mentoring by alumni for enrolled students and more.

The ARCS website has information regarding benefits and services for alumni, online jobs board and career resources and the CEU Alumni Campaign, enabling alumni and friends to support the future of their university.

2. Can ARCS help me find a job / internship?

Yes! ARCS offers a diverse range of services and programs to help you achieve your fullest potential in the international jobs market, whatever your degree. Career services include:

  • ARCS’s online career portal, Career Next, featuring interactive resume book—where you can post your resume for review by CEU’s employer partners—plus career resources database and job vacancies board. Once you receive your CEU email address, you can register and get full access.
  • Resume and cover letter writing workshops, company presentations, networking and other career events.
  • Individual career counseling for MA and PhD candidates and grads.

For more information, please visit CEU Career Services.

3. Am I allowed to work at CEU during my studies?

Depending on country of origin and the respective legal regulations, CEU students are allowed to work in Hungary during their studies. Options include part-time positions, project-based work, internships, traineeships, volunteering etc.

4. Where do CEU graduates find employment?

CEU graduates work in a number of important sectors across the globe including government, international organizations, academia, NGOs, and multinational corporations. Learn more about post-CEU careers.

5. How can CEU alumni help me?

CEU alumni, and CEU’s global alumni network can be found around the world and can be an excellent source of support and information, offering guidance based on their experience and knowledge of job market in their region. Connect on Facebook and LinkedIn too!

Many graduates also serve as alumni mentors to students, giving practical advice to students and other alumni seeking info regarding career development, job search strategies and other practical assistance.

ARCS also organizes alumni and career events throughout the world year-round. You’re welcome to join!


CEU Alumni Relations and Career Services office
Nador u. 9, Budapest 1051
CEU Monument Building, ground floor office
Office hours: 10.00-12.00 and 14.00-16.00 M-F
Tel: +36 (0) 1 327 3000 ext. 3215
E-mail: domotorcs@ceu.edu