Diploma Preparation Schedule

Special notice: Please note that due to the current Covid-19 restrictions some delay may be expected in the diploma preparation schedule.

This page provides you with information on what are the CEU policies for issuing diplomas and what the diploma prepartion schedule looks like.

The preparation of CEU diplomas involves the cooperation of several administrative and academic units of CEU. In different stages, the following units are involved: Academic Departments, Student Records Office (SRO), Publications Office, External Printing Companies, Rector’s office, and the office of George Soros in New York (for signatures). The SRO coordinates the efforts of all contributors during this process to achieve the timely delivery of the diplomas. Normally, the timeframe to prepare diplomas is 3 months from the time students have satisfied all academic requirements towards their degree.*

* Adopted by the Senate on March 3rd, 2006.

Graduation certificate

Before you receive your diploma you can ask for a Graduation certificate, with which you can prove that you finished your studies at CEU. Please send your request to registry@ceu.edu. The certificate is free of charge, the cost of postage is 10 EUR (registered mail) or 30 EUR (DHL).  You can make the payment on the following link:


Diploma requirements

Diplomas will be prepared for students only when they have fulfilled the following requirements:

  1. have submitted all required documents regarding their previous education
  2. have satisfied all academic requirements
  3. have filled out the Online Graduation Form and Leaving Form (both are available through Infosys at https://studentinfo.ceu.hu/).

Note: all items are important! Failure to comply with the above requirements may cause a delay in processing your diploma.

MA diplomas

The MA diplomas are prepared in two cycles (MA Cycle I and Cycle II) due to the fact that some departments have different academic calendars.

The following departments belong to MA Cycle I: Economics and Business, Gender Studies, History, International Relations, Legal Studies, Mathematics, Medieval Studies, Cultural Heritage Studies, Nationalism Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, and Sociology and Social Anthropology.

The following departments belong to MA Cycle II: Environmental Sciences and Policy, School of Public Policy. The preparation procedure is outlined in the following table:

Time Frame  MA Cycle I MA Cycle II
End of Academic Year  June 15 September 1
Deadline for submission of all
pending course and thesis grades
 July 15 October 1
Checking of all student records August 1-15 October 15-31
Printing of diplomas August 15-31 November 1-15
Signature collection September 1-30 Nov. 15-Dec. 15
Mailing of diplomas October January

Hungarian diplomas

Hungarian diplomas are prepared within 30 days from the final exam date, and students are informed in email when diplomas are ready.

Please note that due to the current Covid-19 restrictions some delay may be expected in the diploma preparation schedule.

Those students who are in Budapest at the time when diplomas become available may collect them personally in the Student Records Office. For those students who leave Budapest Hungarian diplomas will be mailed together with US diplomas according to the diploma preparation cycles above. For Hungarian diplomas an Authorization form is required both if it is collected by a third party or if it is sent to the recipient by mail.

PhD diplomas

Doctoral students conclude their studies at CEU after they successfully defend their dissertations. This can happen during any time of the year. Therefore, the SRO uses three cycles for the printing of Ph.D. diplomas according to the date of the dissertation defense. The following table outlines this procedure:

Time Frame PhD Cycle I PhD Cycle II PhD Cycle III
Dissertation Defense Jan. 1 - June 1  June 1 - Sept. 30 Sept. 30 - Dec. 31
Checking of all student records June 1-7 October 1-7 January 1-7
Printing of diplomas June 1-7 October 7-15 January 7-15
Signature collection June 7-14 October 15-31 January 15-31
Mailing of diplomas  July* November February

* Please note that due to the current Covid-19 restrictions some delay may be expected in the diploma preparation schedule.