All CEU students have the possibility to register for the university-wide courses they consider interesting or useful. According to the Student Rights Rules and Regulations, „CEU masters’ students have an opportunity to take up to four CEU credits per year in elective courses from outside of their department or school without a formal approval from their home unit”. So even if your department did not cross-list the specific UWC, you can still take it.

1) Make sure you register through the CEU e:Vision Portal (SITS) during regular registration periods. To secure your place for UWCs held in the winter or spring semester, do not forget to register in the first registration period already. 

2) If your department cross-listed the course of your liking, you will find it listed in the ELECTIVE courses block of your registration window.

3) If your department did not cross-list the course you would like to take, you need to search for it by course code or name in the NON-CROSSLISTED block. In this block you can take up to 4 credits without the approval of your department. If you wish to exceed this limit, please check your departmental handbook/policies on the approval process.