What To Do in Case of Symptoms or Confirmed Positive Cases

Should you feel sick or have any of the following symptoms-fever, cough, shortness of breathing, chills, muscle pain, sore throat, headache, loss of taste and/or smell:

  • Do not enter the campus. Stay at home and consult with your doctor or the CEU Medical Center (medicalcenter@ceu.edu; +36-1-327-3815) if needed.
  • Do not enter the campus if someone living in your household is sick, or if—within the previous two weeks—you have been in contact with a person who is sick or is showing the above symptoms. Please also avoid entering the campus if in the last 14 days you visited a country classified as “red” or “yellow” by the Hungarian government.
  • Make sure your family members stay at home, too.
  • Please inform your supervisor about your condition.
  • In case you observe symptoms, contact your general practitioner (GP) by phone first. Your GP will instruct you on the next steps, and in case your symptoms require it, he/she will order that a PCR COVID-19 test be taken at your home. We discourage anyone to contact a private-service provider for an individual COVID-19 test without consulting with their GP first.
  • Any tests performed at your own request are to be self-financed.
  • CEU will cover the costs of COVID-19 tests for an employee whose colleague has tested positive for COVID-19 and with whom the employee has shared a close working space on a daily basis, spending more than 20 minutes in each other’s company. 
  • Keep your supervisor informed about any developments in your situation.

In case you are tested COVID-19 positive, prepare a contact list of persons with whom you were in contact in the last 14 days and submit it to your supervisor and the Medical Center for follow up and contact tracing.

Testing Locations

  • Click here for a sheet listing COVID testing locations in Budapest