Non-Degree Programs

There are countless reasons to come to CEU as a visiting or an exchange student. No matter what brings you here, you will be surrounded by the kind of opportunities, experiences, and people that can only be found in the heart of the most exciting and diverse city in Europe.

CEU welcomes visiting and exchange students all year round. You can study here for a summer session, or for a full fall, winter or spring academic trimester. For details, please refer to the links on the left. We hope to see you soon at CEU!

Visiting and Exchange Students

Students who have graduated and currently are not enrolled at any higher education institution, but interested in participating in courses at CEU, may apply by filling out CEU`s Non-degree Application Form for a visiting student status on a self-financing basis. In this case the tuition fee is based on the amount of credits they wish to take. Please find the credit prices here.

Students who are enrolled in a degree program at another university or higher education institution and no agreement of any kind exists between the home institution and CEU, may apply for a visiting student status on a self-financing basis.

Eligibility of students for exchange studies at CEU is based on a partnership created between the student's home university and CEU. Please note that all students applying for an exchange period at CEU must apply through their home university.  Students on exchange programs stay at CEU for one or two trimesters without the option of obtaining a CEU degree. Once you have been nominated by your home university's coordinator we will get in touch with you to provide detailed information about the online application procedure. Please meet the deadline with the submission of your application form.

For inquiries about the non-degree admissions process contact:

Zsuzsanna Bukta, Admissions Coordinator
Phone: (+36-1) 327 3068, Email: