Central European University in Vienna and the University of Vienna offer an exchange program for Graduate Students at Masters and Doctoral level, opening the possibility to attend courses for credit or for audit at the partner institution free of charge.

The exchange of students is subject to the approval of the respective Head of Department/Programme, and depends on class capacity.

The two institutions have signed an Agreement for the mutual recognition of final course exams and ECTS Credits. All students will still need to follow their home institutions' policies and practices for the recognition of Credits of completed courses at the partner institution. 

Students participating in the exchange are mutually exempt from tuition fees at the host institution.


1. Eligibility:

The exchange is open for students who are enrolled full-time as Master’s or Doctoral students at University of Vienna

Students are eligible to enrol in single courses at CEU, not a full semester course load.

University of Vienna students will be enrolled and receive the status of non-degree exchange students.

2. Application:

  1. Select the course you would like to attend at CEU. The course has to fit in your study or research area. List of CEU Courses: https://courses.ceu.edu/search/course
  2. Fill in the “Study Plan for your CEU Study Period” document. Find it on the bottom of this page: https://www.ceu.edu/non-degree/how-to-apply
  3. Prepare your CV and a motivation letter (max. 300 words), why would you like to attend this course and how it fits in your studies at University of Vienna.
  4. English language proficiency: All courses at CEU are taught in English, and language requirements are B2 for Master’s students, and C1 for Doctoral students. If your study programme at University of Vienna, where you are currently enrolled is fully taught in English, please indicate this in your application in the Motivation letter, in this case no language proficiency proof is required. If your study programme is not taught fully in English, please submit a language certificate according to CEU’s policies. See: https://www.ceu.edu/admissions/how-to-apply/checklist#step-5
  5. Prepare your proof of enrollment at your Master’s or PhD Programme at University of Vienna, and official transcripts (Automatically generated transcripts (Notenliste/Sammelzeugnis) and Confirmation of Study Period (Studienzeitbestätigung) in English are accepted.)
  6. Recommendations: As the exchange is in the framework of a bilateral institutional agreement, you are not required to submit a recommendation letter. (You may indicate your own email address in the mandatory field under Referees)
  7. Fill in the Non-Degree Application form, and upload all required documents. Find the Non-Degree Application form here: https://www.ceu.edu/non-degree/how-to-apply

University of Vienna students will be registered in CEU’s system, your application will be evaluated by respective Department representatives at CEU, and you will be contacted by the CEU Non-degree admissions officer for further steps. 

See also: https://studying.univie.ac.at/ceu 


3. Application Deadlines:

March 15, 2023                   - for CEU 2023 Spring Term (April - June)

September 11, 2023          - for CEU 2022 Fall Term (Oct-Dec) 

December 11, 2023            - for CEU 2023 Winter Term (Jan-April)

CEU Academic Calendar: https://www.ceu.edu/calendar

If you have questions, please contact CEU non-degree application manager: Zsuzsanna Bukta buktazs@ceu.edu