During the last two months, with the systematic bombing of the critical infrastructure in Ukraine, it became increasingly harder for our students to follow the classes due to the lack of electricity. In agreement with our main Ukrainian partners we are trying to provide a number of power banks and generators that could be installed in student dormitories and could provide free access for students.

The costs of the power banks are 3-700 Euro, the generators are around 1500. Some of the universities are also planning to set up permanent units that provide electricity and internet to students via Starlink. 

We rely on the donation line  https://standwithukraine.in.ua/ managed by our graduate student in history at CEU, Oleksii Rudenko, to transfer the sums and the objects to these institutions. If you make a donation, please add in the remarks section IUFU or Winter Help to make sure it is earmarked for this purpose. Please also note if you prefer to remain anonymous.

For Paypal, please, use private, not business transaction (donation from friends): olexiy.rudenko97@gmail.com, Oleksii Rudenko  http://paypal.me/oleksiirudenko

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