Ukrainian Students

Updated: 30/08/2022



To express solidarity with the victims of the invasion of Ukraine and assist with their academic future, Central European University is welcoming students enrolled in degree programs at Ukrainian universities in the academic fields represented at CEU: social sciences, humanities, legal studies, economics and business, environmental sciences and policy. CEU aims to support those whose studies have been interrupted by the war.

Please find useful information on public transportation, resident permit, accommodation, financial support, and more for students with Ukranian citizenship here.


CEU Vienna

Interested students from Ukraine may register to attend onsite courses offered at CEU for credit. All courses are taught in English.

Information on courses and their ECTS value is available here.

Information on how to apply is available here. (Please fill out a "visiting student" application form.) CEU waives all fees.

Information and help from the Austrian National Student Union

Information and help from the City of Vienna

CEU Budapest

CEU’s Budapest campus is supporting refugee students from Ukraine residing in Budapest with the following services:

CEU’s outreach activities are also open to Russian and Belarusian students and scholars, who were forced to emigrate due to opposing the war in Ukraine.


After the successful 2022 Spring Semester, Central European University is continuing the certificate program (offering ECTS credits) for junior and senior undergraduate (BA) and graduate (MA and PhD) students from Ukraine, whether residing in Ukraine or in refuge, whose studies have been affected by the war. The name of this transnational solidarity program evokes the various nineteenth and twentieth-century underground and exile educational initiatives (such as the “flying universities”) in Eastern Europe, as well as the tradition of Invisible Colleges formed after 1989 in the region.

For more information please visit the link.