Doctoral Support Program (DSP) for Non-CEU Students

Students enrolled in a doctoral program at another university or higher education institute, wishing to use CEU's innovative programs, resources and international faculty for their dissertation work may apply for the CEU Doctoral Support Program.

Periods may range in length, extending even to one academic year. Applicants are eligible to apply for a Full Tuition Fee waiver, however required to pay ÖH Fee and monthly enrollment fee. While at CEU, successful applicants receive consultation and supervision from CEU faculty.

In addition to the standard application documents required of Non-Degree Students, the following should be submitted:

  • Motivation Letter (Please explain in detail why CEU/this particular unit and who would like to work with and why specifically.)
  • a three-to-five-page Description of Dissertation, including research questions; theory and methodology; and the current status of applicant's projects
  • a Letter of Support from applicant's doctoral supervisor (instead of Letter of Recommendation listed under the general non-degree application requirements).

For more information on applying to CEU as a Non-Degree Student, see CEU Non-Degree Student Policy.