How to Apply

If you are a BA/Undergraduate student, please visit this site.

Applications are welcome around the year.  Please prepare the documents below before uploading them to the online application form:

  • evidence of English language proficiency if the candidate`s first language is not English, and (s)he does not qualify for exemption from the requirement for English language testing. Special exemption could be granted, please contact the non-degree coordinator.
  • a Letter of Recommendation.  In order to enable your recommender to send in his/her letter, you need to register them in the relevant section of the online application form AND submit your application; he/she won’t receive an email with a link to a recommendation form until after you have submitted your  application.
  • a Motivation Letter
  • a Resume/CV
  • an official or certified transcript copy of all completed semesters from the higher education institution last or currently attended  (If the official language of the document is other than English, a certified English-language translation is required instead.)
  • if applicable, a Certificate of Enrollment in English from the higher education institution currently attended
  • A preliminary course list, if applicable. Please check the course hub for the offered courses for the current year and list the courses on the form at the bottom of the page, you plan to attend. You will may need to update the list before the registration period.
    Non-degree Application form

  • After creating a new account for the first time, you will need to choose the non-degree group and then the department you wish to apply for. Click search, and out of the 4 application form click on :
  • Visiting, if you are not enrolled any higher education institution currently, or your Home unversity has no agreement signed with CEU.
  • Exchange, if your Home university has an agreement signed with CEU.
  • Erasmusif your Home university has an agreement signed with CEU and you plan to study at CEU within the Erasmus+ Framework
  • DSP, Doctoral Support Program, if you are currently a doctoral student, and no agreement is in place with CEU

If you are interested to join CEU as a non-degree student, please also check CEU's Non-Degree Student Policy.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Zsuzsanna Bukta at