The Power of 1%

What is the 1% tax?

Per the Hungarian 1% Law, you can request that 1% of your previous year's paid personal income taxes be given to support the activities of a non-profit organization and another 1% be given to a church/religious organization* without any loss to your income. Designating is easy, confidential, and enables you to support a worthy cause in Hungary at no financial cost to you.

The 1% law is a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate public support and raise funds for a special cause. CEU is grateful to receive 1% designations each year to support our mission (see below for details).

*The Hungarian National Talent Program is the only alternative to a church/religious organization to which you may designate your second 1%. 

How do I designate my 1%?**

A full list of approved charities and registered churches can be found here.

To submit your 1+1% designation(s) electronically, separately or as part of the tax return process, use the Ügyfélkapu (in Hungarian only), and submit your request by May 22, 2018.

To submit your 1+1% designation(s) in writing, complete the Hungarian declaration form (English translation for information purposes only here). If you wish for CEU to receive your first 1%, a prefilled designation form with CEU’s Tax Number (18118463-2-44) is available here. Then either:

1) Enclose your 1% declaration in a sealed 16cmx11.5cm envelope. Sign the envelope across the sealed flap and write your name, your adress, tax number, and number of declarations on the front of the envelope.

  • Then you can either deliver it to the HRO payroll team via interdepartmental mail/in person at Jozsef Attila utca 24, 1st floor, before March 20, 2018, or
  • Put the small envelope into a larger, stamped envelope and mail it to your local NAV Customer Service Office separately from the tax return by May 22, 2018.


2.) Mail the completed form to your local NAV Customer Service Office at the same time as you submit written corrections to your 2017 draft tax return by May 22, 2018.

If you wish to designate your 1% to CEU, the below information should be included in your declaration:

Tax Number of Recipient Organization: 18118463-2-44

After making your declaration, the tax authorities will transfer your donation directly to your selected charity.

CEU is grateful to every supporter for your role in ensuring that this remarkable University continues to thrive. Thank you for joining us this year with the designation of your 1%.  Your support is vital to CEU’s continued success.


The CEU Development Office is here to help with questions about 1% giving.

Contact Boroka Lelik at or ext. 3054

**KEE (CEU), being an institution of higher learning listed under Schedule No. 1 of Act CCVI of 2011, is entitled to receive 1% donations under the 1% Law.

How does my 1% support CEU?

Thank you for considering designating your 1% contribution to CEU.  All funds raised through the 1% campaign in 2018 will support the University’s highest priorities, which include initiatives central to CEU’s mission to promote and advance the principles of free, just, and democratic societies. These include:

  • A University-wide expansion of the largest program for Roma graduate training and education in Europe
  • The growth of CEU’s Open Learning Initiative (OLIve) providing educational opportunities at CEU for refugees in Hungary
  • Our continuing campus redevelopment effort that benefits the entire community
  • Public programs that demonstrate CEU’s unwavering mission to protect and promote the principles of open society

Thank you for your support of CEU