The Hungarian Health Care

Information for EU Citizens (Excluding HUngarian Citizens)

If you are an EU citizen and have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), you can use state-provided medical services in emergency, free of charge. For information about your Health Insurance Options at CEU, please click here.

With your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) you are:

  • covered by your home country’s national health care system, and are insured within the EU region,
  • can receive medical treatment in any medical facility contracted with the National Health Insurance Fund in the territory of Hungary free of change, when treatments are deemed to be medically necessary for your temporary stay in Hungary (usually emergency situations). However, you must pay for the medical care received whenever you use state-provided medical services if that is not an urgent emergency situation. The price of any state health service depends on the actual service provided by the hospital/medical facility visited and the state health care institution where the medical procedure has been performed.

Before coming to Hungary, you are strongly recommended to obtain your European Health Insurance Card. If you already have an EHIC, depending on the regulation of your home country, a CEU Certificate of Enrollment submitted to your national health care provider may entitle you to renew the coverage for the duration of your studies (up to a certain age).

How to use the European Health Insurance Card in Hungary?